Radio Spot

Oregon Ballet Academy

3400 W 11th Avenue

Eugene, OR 97402

“Register for the Oregon Ballet Academy” – 60 Sec. Radio/Podcast Spot

(sfx: piano music and an instructor counting dance steps)

ANNCR (Felicia Sanders – director of the lower ballet school): Did you know that ballet can benefit a child’s health, concentration, social skills, and confidence? – just to name a few. These skills are crucial in providing children with what they need to know to grow and reach their highest potential.

Located in Eugene, the Oregon Ballet Academy offers just that – and much more. The OBA has a mission to provide services in dance training and performances to students of all ages. In an effort to help inspire students to achieve their full dance potential, classes vary from classical ballet, Pilates, contemporary, ballroom, hip-hop, and tap and jazz.

Since its opening in 2003, the Oregon Ballet Academy has been directed by John Grensback. He is admired for his experience in the field and his close connection and dedication to both the students and academy as a whole, helping make the community unmatchable. Over time, the OBA staff has grown significantly with new instructors joining over the years to create the well-rounded and experienced team they have today.

ANNCR (John Grensback – artistic director): We even have a Boys Free Tuition Program for boys ages 10-19. Yes, you heard that right: free. We meet every Wednesday night from 6:15-7:30, directed by me, John Grensback.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign your child up for classes today at the Oregon Ballet Academy. Just go to the OBA website at and click on the registration link or give us a call to learn more at (541) 338-7800.

And, you, can join our family: The Oregon Ballet Academy.

CHILD: Come dance with us!

(sfx: children laughing)