Happy Holidays!

With the holiday season quickly approaching, I thought it was only fitting to write a post on the importance of holidays, not just during this time of year, but throughout the entirety of the year. Now, you may be thinking, what does food PR have to do with national holidays? Well, national holidays have been known for generating increased CSR awareness and sales for countless businesses around the world. From national cookie day to Halloween, there is typically something to promote and highlight within a business, no matter what the reason is.

Off the top of my head, I can think of numerous food marketing and PR promotions, deals, or increased awareness within businesses that I have directly interacted with. For example, on Halloween last year, I saw a post for Chipotle’s “Boorito” that gave customers $3 burritos if they came into the store dressed up for Halloween. Additionally, $1 million of the proceeds from this went to Chipotle Cultivate Foundation, which is their nonprofit to promote sustainable farming and food.

Another holiday that I saw a very good use of brand awareness and CSR, was Starbucks. On Veterans Day, they offered all veterans, active duty personnel, and military spouses a free tall brewed coffee. Consequently, Starbucks would donate $0.15 from the coffee price to Blue Star Families, a non-profit that provides support to military families. Additionally, I thought that Shake Shack did a great job in portraying an important national day to their target public. Although this isn’t a specific holiday, on November 6, Shake Shack offered free fries for Election Day to customers who showed their “I voted” sticker.

All of these different forms of PR and further promotion help to not only create brand awareness but also allow consumers to first-hand understand a brand’s CSR. Just as I discussed in my previous blog, consumers have been seen to react higher to experiences. By using national holidays throughout the year to promote business and portray a brand’s CSR, consumers can directly involve themselves within the brand and the particular national holiday.

To look at the full list of all 2019 holidays to benefit your food marketing, click here.

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