Keeping Your Consumers Involved

When advertising for a food or drink brand, there are many different ways that companies can go about this. Sometimes, this means portraying close-up, desirable images of juicy, delicious foods to make consumers hungry. Or sometimes, this means showing the newest deal or bargain of the week, for example, buy one burger, get the other free. But, one strategy that seems to outshine the rest is showing consumers or potential clients raw, valuable content, through their own stories or experiences.

Through different studies and research, it has been found that millennials value experiences over the ownership of goods. This idea can be implemented within various tactics for brands to target this age group. For example, La Croix does a great job in targeting millennials, with this specific tactic in mind. If you were to scroll through La Croix’s current media pages, you would see that almost all of it contains user-generated content to portray the consumer with their particular experience with La Croix. Because La Croix chooses to post these images and stories of their customers, people (specifically, millennials) feel more inclined to interact with their brand, both through social media and physically, through buying their products.

While there are many ways to go about advertising and portraying a brand, it is important to understand who you want to target your product to. Furthermore, based on the overall interests and background knowledge of the particular population, this can help to heighten awareness around the company, just as La Croix has done.


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