“The Phone Eats First”

Imagine this…you just land after a long day of traveling and step foot for your first time in a city of world-class cuisine, such as San Francisco. You need food, but want to make the most out of your quick weekend trip to ensure that it’s the best place to eat. Naturally, you grab your phone and search the internet for reviews, recommendations, and, of course, proper marketing and PR online.

Furthermore, every day online searching, just like this, can determine the decisions of peoples food cravings or curiosities around the world. Especially with the digital age we are currently in, PR is more important than ever, specifically in the food industry. For example, the saying “the phone eats first” is something that holds true for so many people, as it is almost natural for them to grab their phone and take a picture of their food before eating it.

This online presence of food businesses all around the world is crucial in determining the fate of not only the business, but the food itself. Public Relations allows for businesses to be able to tell their stories to people, both near and far, and make sure that their food is the first pick for a hungry person in a new city (or whatever it may be).


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